OPTIMAT design solutions

Optimat provides interdisciplinary concepts, individual consultancy services and intelligent
design solutions that go beyond run-of-the-mill convention – creatively and efficiently.

With a sure feel for current trends and future developments, we design visionary spaces for living, business, culture or experiences, focussing on the needs and requirements of our clients. 


Samsung Mobile KaDeWe Berlin by optimat

SAMSUNG mobile @ KaDeWe Berlin

Design for SAMSUNG mobile 

Samsung Mobile Store Frankfurt by optimat

SAMSUNG mobile store Frankfurt/M

Design for the first german SAMSUNG mobile store in the Zeilgalerie Frankfurt.

optimat for SAMSUNG


Design and visualization of different design-concepts for SAMSUNG.


haus L Waldachtal by optimat design solutions

house L - Waldachtal

Modification of a former warehouse - located in the black forest - into a modern, single-storey residential house with 250 sqm living space for a family with children. 

optimat for Ley`s

Concept Store

Design of a concept-store for LEY´s.
Realization throug instant retail

klöckner & Co  Tube 2010  optimat


Klöckner & Co. SE - Tube 2010 / 2012

Tube 2010 / 2012 fair stand for the international multi-metal distribution company Klöckner & Co. SE.
Corporate design and project management by Optimat.



3sat / zdf neues optimat

3sat / ZDF  neues

Setdesign by Optimat and Acht Frankfurt.


zdf spezial

zdf spezial

ZDF spezial

Design and realisation by Optimat of a TV set in the style of the
new virtual news set of the ZDF. 




3sat/ZDF  Nano

Design and implementation of a television set with an interactive holoscreen, LED illumination and large-format rear projection screens.


Club Cubique

Cubique groundplan

Club Cubique, Wiesbaden

Interior architecture and corporate design for a new club in Wiesbaden.

Optimat took on the entire design and implementation planning for the 400 m² project.
In addition to the logo and corporate design, special animations were developed for the
media walls of the dance space. www.cubique-club.de

Klöckner Stahl- und Metallhandel

Klöckner Stahl- und Metallhandel

Klöckner Stahl- und Metallhandel GmbH

Since 2008, Optimat has been the lead agency for the Geman branch of the Klöckner & Co group.
Besides the display for the Tube 2008 fair, Optimat developed a new structure for all product areas
and produced, among other things, numerous brochures, mailings, the staff magazine and the
company’s new website: www.kloeckner-stahl-und-metallhandel.de


Puma Showroom, Paris

Retail design and interior architecture for the Black Station Showroom in a historic Paris apartment.
Optimat developed bespoke furniture in combination with contemporary design objects in order to present the various shoe collections.




B2B client magazine involving interviews, editorials, city guides, design trends and deadlines;
Optimat took on all aspects of the selection of topics, images, text, editing and production.

Tom Tailor Headquarter

Tom Tailor Headquarters, Hamburg

New interior architecture and lighting for the head office of the Tom Tailor company including foyer, showroom and bar area.


Tom Tailor Megastore

Tom Tailor Megastore, Hamburg

Complete shop design for the megastore in Hamburg. Optimat created all the furniture for each area, including lighting and mirror installations, individual carpet designs for the different changing cubicles, a young fashion level and a family area on the first floor.


MTV networks

MTV networks

Optimat designed and implemented a total of eight TV sets for the MTV formats Unter Ulmen,
Mad4Hits, Select, Amour, Lesezirkel, Webcharts, Brand neu and Spin.
Nominated for the German Design Prize


Euroshop 2002 International Retail Fair

A futuristic fair stand, where Optimat was fully responsible for the architecture as well as all
print media, films, animations, give-aways and even the decoration and catering.
Received 1st place
in the Adam Award.



The original mirror installation by Optimat. A multi-layered walk-in room with a wide variety of visual perception levels. The trick architecture permits visitors to experience the interface between the real and virtual worlds.






Our services are comprehensive –
ranging from the design of print media, web design, fair design, set and retail design to events
and building concepts, we offer individual modules or complete packages from a single source.

We favour a partnership approach to our clients and consider ourselves to be a proactive consultant
and supplier of ideas in the increasingly complex context of reality.

Creativity calls for trust, which is why we develop and implement optimised design solutions on
the firm foundation of our many years’ experience and our understanding as architects together
with an efficient network of competent partners.



3D Modelling / 3D Visualisation / Advertising / Advice / Analysis / Animation / Architecture /Art 
BtoB / Brochures /  Catering /CI / Concepts / Corporate Design / Corporate Design / Design / Events / Fairs /  Films / Give-Aways / Graphic Design /Image films
Installation / Light / Logos / Magazines / Mailings / Marketing / Music / Optimisation
Photography /  PR / Print media / Promotion / Set Design / Strategies 
Text / Trailers / Web design / Workshops … 



Bungalow Records
Carpet Concept
Casa Moda
CHEIL Germany GmbH
Deutsche Bank
Dragonfly Gallery, Taiwan
Elektrolux Records
Expo 2000 Hannover
Fifty Degree Entertainment GmbH
Fraunhofer Institut
Hugo Boss
heras sks GmbH
Klöckner & Co. SE
Klöckner Stahl- und Metallhandel GmbH
ICM Media AG
Meier Solar Solutions GmbH
Messe Frankfurt
Mexx Europe
MTV Networks
Robert Ley GmbH&Co.KG
Srilankan Airlines
Stiftung Kultur Rheinland Pfalz
Svedex / Dextüra
Tom Tailor
Tommy Hilfiger
Viva TV
VF Germany
WB Compagnie


About us

In 1999, Optimat was founded. Arising from a project for the Expo 2000 in Hanover, 

and after successfully completing a degree in architecture, the firm took on additional
services into its portfolio as well as recruiting new partners and employees.

Today, the core team is made up of:

Petra Wagner – Architect
Concepts and communication

Lutz Wagner – Architect
Design CEO



Optimat GbR


60385 Frankfurt 



You`re welcome to email us info@optimat.de


Optimat GbR

60385 Frankfurt am Main


Email: info@optimat.de


Tax ID No..: DE 187562061


Lutz Wagner, Dipl. Ing. FB Architektur
Petra Wagner, Dipl. Ing. FB Architektur

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